Coach Hire Terms

Coach Hire – Terms & Conditions 1 December 2022

1. When these Terms and Conditions apply

1.1 Application of Terms and Conditions
Your booking is accepted subject to the following terms and conditions. By confirming your
booking, you accept and agree to the terms & conditions as listed in this document.
These Terms and Conditions cannot be varied by any of our employees, agents or other
personnel or representatives. However, this does not affect our right to waive any fare rule or
amount payable. A waiver on one occasion does not constitute a waiver on any other
We (Australia Wide Coaches Pty Ltd.) provide ground transport services throughout
Australia. From time to time, transport services may be provided by an Australia Wide
Coaches’ partner that meets our quality control standards.

1.2 The Australian Consumer Law
These Terms and Conditions do not limit certain guarantees and rights for consumers that
exist under the Australian Consumer Law, as contained in Schedule 2 of the Competition
and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).
Services provided in Australia (including our services) come with the following consumer
guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law:
 Guarantee as to due care and skill;
 Guarantee as to fitness for a particular purpose; and
 Guarantee as to reasonable time for supply (if no time is specified).
Where we fail to provide services to you in accordance with these consumer guarantees,
you may have a right to seek a remedy in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law

2. Quotation and Booking
Prices are current at the time of quotation and subject to availability at the time of booking.
All quoted prices include 10% GST. Notwithstanding the quoted price, any increases that
may occur in any applicable charges such as airport charges, road tolls, entry fees or
parking charges will be payable by you.
The costs quoted are based on the information provided to us in your enquiry. If these
details vary, we reserve the right to review the costs and inclusions outlined to you.
No bookings are made when a quotation is provided and Australia Wide Coaches will not
accept tentative bookings. A written acceptance confirmation will be provided for all vehicle

2.1 Quotation pricing includes:
Transfers/ Sightseeing by private vehicle with English Speaking driver.
Where airport transfers are indicated, the cost is based on the assumption that all
passengers will be arriving or departing at the same time and from the same terminal unless
Tolls, airport terminal departure fees (15 minutes allocated)
Sightseeing admissions – only where specified
Meals – only where specified

2.2 Quotation pricing excludes:
Transfers, sightseeing, accommodation and meals other than specified
Where a driver is required to stay overnight, accommodation (minimum 3-star standard with
private facilities) and meals must be arranged by the Hirer unless otherwise discussed with
Australia Wide Coaches. If Australia Wide Coaches is required to arrange driver
accommodation and meals all costs will be added to the final booking invoice to be paid by
the Hirer.
Please be aware that we will endeavour to use Australia Wide Coaches fleet vehicles at all
times. However, due to unforeseen or operational circumstances, we may need to source
alternate Vehicles. The alternate vehicle will always be of the highest quality available to
Australia Wide Coaches at the time.
Once a booking is confirmed, please note that it is the responsibility of the Hirer to update
Australia Wide Coaches when there is a change in itinerary and /or passenger numbers. If
changes alter the hire time, kilometres travelled or size of vehicle originally quoted and
confirmed, we reserve the right to review the costs and inclusions outlined to you and to
provide updated pricing.

2.3 Amendments to Bookings
Any amendment to your booking after confirmation, can only be accepted subject to
availability. Requests for amendments must be made in writing and will be confirmed by us
in writing.
We reserve the right to charge an amendment fee (up to $50 unless substantial change
management is required) in respect of any change to your booking in addition to any other
applicable charges in relation to the amendment (such as road tolls).

2.4 Extensions to Bookings
Where you choose to extend the duration of your booking, any additional charges will be
payable by you. This may include charges levied by venue or accommodation providers or
charges for flight changes.
Please note if the vehicle is required any longer on the day, there will be waiting time costs
Extensions to bookings will also be restricted to the maximum legal driving hours allowed
within any 24-hour period.
If the time extends past the allocated time at an airline terminal, Australia Wide Coaches will
forward these additional parking costs charged by the airport onto the Hirer should they be

3. Deposit and Final Payment
The following terms apply with respect to payment for bookings:
 Where a booking deposit is requested by Australia Wide Coaches, no service will be
held until the deposit has been received. Once received, your booking will be
confirmed and a booking confirmation will be issued.
 Final Payment is required as per our Terms of Trade as listed on your booking
 Payment must be received prior to departure or Australia Wide Coaches reserves the
right to not proceed with the vehicle movement.
 Payment remittance advice must be forwarded to
[email protected]

4. Charges (including Airport Parking, Tollways, Parking Fees and National Park entry)
Airport Parking and Toll Fees are included in Vehicle Rates where listed.
However, additional Parking and Toll Fees are NOT included in City-City Touring Rates and
will be charged in addition if required in your itinerary.
The Hirer can request a booking confirmation to include charges (for any charges that are
not included in Vehicle Rates). Please note that these charges are indicative only and do not
constitute the invoice and do not override any negotiated rate.
The final price for charges will be the total of all charges incurred to complete the tour as
Tolls and Parking are governed by the relevant State Authorities and these charges are
subject to change without notice.
National Park entry fees are not included in the Vehicle Rates. Should your itinerary require
entry to any National Park and we incur costs for that entry, the Hirer will pay for all National
Park entry fees incurred.
Any newly introduced third party charges and any increases in statutory charges or taxes
such as New Tollways, Airport Parking Fees, GST, Carbon Tax or any other third-party fees
introduced in the effective period, will be payable by the Hirer.

5. Payment

5.1 Credit Card
If you choose to pay via our secure online payment link by credit card, the following fees will
Visa/MasterCard Credit Card Surcharge– 1.75% of transaction value
Please note we do not accept payment by American Express.

5.2 Direct Transfer
Payment can be made by direct deposit with all account details listed on your payment
Please list your invoice number and company name as your payment reference.
A remittance advice must also be forwarded to [email protected] in order
for your payment to be reconciled.

6. Cancellations to Bookings
In the event that you cancel your booking, Australia Wide Coaches reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee as follows:
– Bookings cancelled more than 5 business days prior to travel: no fee charged
– Bookings cancelled between 1-5 days prior to travel, up to 50% of the value of the booking
– Bookings cancelled less than 24 hours prior to pick up time: up to 100% of the value of the booking
– In all cases the total fee charged will not exceed the value of the booking.
– In addition to any cancellation fee charged by us, you will also be responsible for payment of any cancellation fees or charges levied by third parties (such as venue or accommodation providers) that may be relevant to your booking.

7. Conduct during travel

7.1 Dress Standards
We require all passengers to conform to minimum dress standards on any service which
includes a shirt, shorts/trousers/skirt, and footwear.

7.2 Food and Beverages
No hot food, glass bottles or alcoholic beverages are permitted to be taken on board at any

7.3 Smoking
Smoking is not permitted by law on any of our vehicles.

7.4 Storage
We do not offer refrigerated bulk storage for carriage of bulk quantities of plant or animal
products including any food items. Due to concerns around hygiene, disease, vermin and
other passenger comfort, we do not allow the carriage of bulk quantities of food stuffs in any
form. For the avoidance of doubt, bulk quantities will be reasonably assessed as a quantity
exceeding what you may reasonably consume on an individual service or trip.

8. Luggage

8.1 Responsibility for Luggage
You are responsible for all luggage, carry-on luggage and personal items. We accept no
responsibility and will not be liable for any damage to (unless the damage was caused by
our negligence at no fault by the passenger), theft or loss of any luggage whilst on our
premises including when on board a vehicle.

8.2 Prohibited Items
We may refuse carriage of any luggage if we reasonably believe that the luggage is:
 Unsafe;
 A hazardous substance or dangerous good;
 Likely to be damaged during travel; or
 Likely to cause damage to other passenger luggage or any other property.
 In the event we refuse to carry luggage, you hold sole responsibility for any and all
costs of alternate travel for their luggage.

8.3 Unclaimed Luggage
If a passenger leaves an item of luggage on one of our vehicles:
 We will make all reasonable efforts to identify the owner of the luggage and notify
them of the unclaimed luggage. Collection of the luggage will be the sole
responsibility of the passenger.
 Any freight fees incurred in transporting the luggage to an alternate location will be
borne solely by the passenger. We will store the item as lost property for a period of
90 days. Should the item remain unclaimed at the expiry of that storage period, the
item will be disposed of at our sole discretion.
 We will not be liable for any loss, expense or inconvenience incurred by the

8.4 Excess Luggage
It is the responsibility of the Hirer to advise if luggage will need to be loaded on board the
vehicle. In the event that the luggage load exceeds the capable luggage storage capacity of
the vehicle that has been hired, a substitute vehicle or luggage truck may need to be
allocated with costs passed on to the Hirer.

9. Scheduling
We will use our best efforts to arrive, depart and get to your destination by the scheduled
times. However, our ability to provide timely and safe travel services is highly dependent on
many factors that exist beyond our reasonable control. For this reason, we do not guarantee
that we will depart or arrive at the specified times when you make your booking.
We recommend that when making travel plans, you ensure that you allow enough time for
contingencies and obtain insurance to allow for any unexpected disruptions.

10. Liability
Under the Australian Consumer Law, you may be entitled to a remedy for breach of
consumer guarantees (for example, resulting from delays and cancellations). Factors that
may be relevant in this regard include the reason for any delay or cancellation, the length of
any delay, any advance notice of the delay that was provided to you, and whether we
remedied the delay or cancellation, for example by arranging a replacement vehicle within a
reasonable time (depending on the circumstances).
Our liability in respect of breaches of consumer guarantees is limited to:
 The supply of the services again; or
 The payment of the cost of having the services supplied again. To the extent
permitted by law (including the Australian Consumer Law), you are responsible for
any additional costs or expenses (including charges from third parties) in the event
that your booking does not run to schedule.
Where services from third parties (such as venue or accommodation providers) form part of
your booking, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of those third parties with
respect to those services. To the extent permitted by law (including the Australian Consumer
Law), we have no liability for any loss or damage occasioned by the negligence, act or
omission of any third party (including Australia Wide Coaches partners).

11. Damage to Vehicle
You are responsible for any damage to a vehicle caused by a passenger on your booking.
You will not be responsible for damage caused by the actions of us or any of our employees.

12. Right to Refuse Travel
We reserve the right to refuse travel or remove from the vehicle any passenger, where the
 Behaves in a disruptive, threatening or unlawful manner and may pose a threat to
themselves, other passengers, Australia Wide Coaches staff or property;
 On our reasonable assessment, appears to be under the influence of alcohol or any
other drug or appears to be in possession of any unlawful substance;
 Is afflicted by an infectious disease that poses risks to other passengers;
 Is observed smoking or attempting to smoke a cigarette on board a vehicle, including
any onboard toilet facility;

 Fails to comply with any applicable laws, rules, regulation or order;
 Has previously breached our Terms and Conditions; or
 Fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

13. General Terms
The provision of Vehicle Hire is subject to the current Road Transport, Passenger Vehicle
and OH & S regulations issued by the appropriate authority in the State of which the hire is
being conducted.
Australia Wide Vehicles reserves the right to enforce its legal obligation in compliance with
the law in all aspects of our hire provision irrespective of client requests, conduct, actions or
other circumstances effecting the provision of this hire.
This includes, but not limited to our right to:
 Refuse entry to the vehicle of persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs
 Stop consumption of hot food and drink, alcohol or tobacco products on the vehicle
 Authorise our driver to act in the best interests of his/her passengers’ safety
irrespective of consequences to the hire
 Obey road speed restriction irrespective of unscheduled delays in transit
 Stop to render assistance to others when judged in the public interest for safety or
 Report to authorities any person acting in a manner that endangers others. This
could include or stopping a hire or may result in its cancellation
 Render first aid in the best interest of passengers and take such measures deemed
necessary to enlist assistance in an emergency from any available services. Costs of
such emergency service provision rest with the passenger/s
 Maintain legal driving hours and driver rest periods in line with current regulations
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 9516 1300 or via email
[email protected]